Baby Foods

Infant feeding in summer

In summer the nutritional needs of children and infants vary and they should change the food they are given. We know the needs of smaller and we have prepared some recommendations in this article.

infant feeding

Healthy and nutritious baby food
In summer less energy is wasted by heat: the body needs fewer calories to maintain temperature and thus, is less hungry. Therefore it is normal for children and infant want to eat less and less eager to do so, and should not be forcing them to eat more.

During these months it is advisable, therefore, to healthy and nutritious foods, especially vegetables, fruit and other foods rich in water to help them stay hydrated. If the baby teeth are coming, hard foods like carrots can be helpful to ease while making vegetables.

Nor should abandon carbohydrates: cereals, rice and pasta are foods that tend to like and that babies already eating should be taken regularly. Proteins, such as chicken, are an ideal complement to these dishes.

Like the rest of the year, the best ways of preparing food is baked or steamed, and if some fat is used it is recommended the olive oil over other animal fats or vegetable oils.

Refreshing food for baby in summer
In summer, as well as the adults children appreciate fresh food, so that yogurt is a good complement to meals, since it is also nutritious, pleasant to the touch and smooth.

The ice cream can be a good occasional substitute of the yoghurt, whenever it is in small quantity when they are very small so that they do not feel bad, and never replacing lunch or dinner. Juices, meanwhile, are very good if they are 100% fruit without added sugar, and must avoid soft drinks.

Other refreshing and healthy choices that will awaken the baby are like smoothies or fresh cheese; it must maintain high calcium for their growing bones!

Single dish for children and babies in summer
As mentioned, in summer it is natural that there is a greater reluctance to eat in small, so as a trick can be offered a single dish so there it is to force them to eat during long time. It is required that is a complete meal, with little fat, proteins and carbohydrates in abundance.

Rice with peas and chicken, pasta salads and pizza are examples of foods that can be a great single dish and very inviting for children in summer.