Kumquat: Benefits and properties

The kumquat is the less curious or exotic tropical fruit, especially if we consider that it is also popularly known by the name of dwarf citrus.

properties of kumquat

Indeed, the kumquat is a fruit belonging to the Rutaceae family, which comprises more than 1,600 species, among which is especially the genuses citrus, one of the most important to have 20 species with edible fruits.

Among the citrus we can highlight precisely the kumquat as the smaller fruit, and the only one whose peel or skin is edible (in fact it is delicious to eat it whole).

Its flavor can attract much attention of people who have never before eaten, because while its shell has a slightly tart sweet taste, its pulp is bitterer.

What is its main advantage? In addition to its richness in vitamin C, we can find it all year round.

Nutritional properties of kumquat
As we mentioned above, kumquat highlights from the outset because of its high content in vitamin C, an essential nutrient in the formation of bones and teeth, red blood cells and collagen, improves resistance to infection and it is also an antioxidant.

It also highlights the presence of folic acid (involved in the production of white and red blood cells, and it is essential before and during pregnancy), and minerals such as potassium (necessary for the transmission and generation of nerve impulses) and magnesium (enhances the immune system).

That itself, it is a fruit with a high energy value, although its consumption is recommended within a healthy and balanced diet. Despite its energy value, it provides satiety, so it is also recommended in diets.

Benefits of kumquat
Like orange and lemon, kumquat is a citrus particularly rich in vitamin C, whose use is ideal in autumn and winter to improve the functioning of the immune system (also highlighted in this sense the presence of magnesium in composition).

It helps reduce the risk of degenerative, cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is also helpful to increase the bile production, improving digestion.