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Lavender Honey: Benefits And Properties

Lavender honey has many helpful properties, including glucose, fructose, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Besides that, it is natural since it is made by bees using lavender flowers’ nectar. It is aromatic, thanks to the natural aroma of this particular flower.

There is also its delicious taste. The benefits of lavender honey are also quite a lot. For instance, it helps strengthen our immune system, helps us combat tiredness and fatigue, is a source of high energy levels, and relieves coughs and sore throats.

Additionally, it is antiseptic, regenerating, and helps heal wounds. In short, lavender honey is a type of honey full of health benefits, with exceptional properties when consumed regularly.

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So, is lavender honey good for you? That question often crosses people’s minds whenever this type of honey is mentioned. The answer to the question is a resounding yes. The list of lavender honey benefits is quite long. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to consume it whenever you get a chance.

Honey itself provides many benefits, and lavender honey is no exception. There are several honey varieties, depending on the type of flower from which it will come. This source attributes some properties as well as benefits. The kind of honey that comes from a single type of flower is called monofloral honey.

An excellent example of lavender honey, and that’s our focus today. What are the properties of lavender honey? What are the benefits of lavender honey? Read on to find out.

What is lavender honey? What does it consist of?

Bees produce lavender honey from the nectar of the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. These flowers are very aromatic, and bees produce excellent and delicious honey using them.

These plants grow in sunny places in the summer months between July and August. The colors of lavender flowers are blue and violets. Therefore, we can find them in these two colors.

The lavender flower is very aromatic; hence this honey peels off a subtle scent of Lavender. The honey color is usually clear; we can find it in amber light or white color, sweet taste, and its texture is medium crystallization and fluid consistency.

Discover the benefits and properties of lavender honey

The properties of this plant aren’t a secret since ancient times. Since then, they have been used as a home remedy to cure ailments or conditions caused by colds and for throat health. Its benefits and properties have been transferred from generation to generation for obvious reasons. This segment will shed light on the benefits of lavender honey.

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1. Treats Respiratory Diseases

The medicinal aspect of lavender honey is indisputable, and this is just one of the many lavender honey health benefits. It is advisable to consume it to treat and cure other respiratory system diseases.

The diseases include those affecting the bronchi, colds, coughs, and airways congestion. Lavender honey is also considered an excellent antiseptic for the bronchi and lungs.

2. Benefits of Tyrosine

Did you know that lavender honey also contains tyrosine? It plays a significant role in making neurotransmitters responsible for preventing and treating several brain-related conditions.

With the help of copper, vitamin C, folic acid, and niacin, the body converts tyrosine into various proteins. They include the hormone estrogen and the skin pigment called melanin. Their role in the human body can’t be underestimated for various reasons.

3. Lavender Honey boosts energy

How does it feel whenever you grab a cup of coffee? For many people, that’s the best way to start the day since caffeine has a way of boosting energy levels. However, they don’t know that lavender honey can do precisely that and even much better.

It has proven to boost energy whenever consumed. Simply mix the honey with hot water, and don’t forget to use a slice of lemon too, then thank me later.

4. It promotes the immune system

Thanks to an antioxidant called Luteolin, a component of lavender honey, consumers can rest assured that it will boost their immune system. Consequently, they won’t have to worry about easily contracting diseases.

For example, one need not worry about blood sugar levels. After all, the honey will ensure that it remains at healthy levels.

5. It reduces the damage of free radicals

Free radicals are known for their damaging effects. They are associated with many life-threatening diseases, including eye problems, diabetes, joint inflammation, atherosclerosis, senile dementia, asthma, and cancer.

Fortunately, The National Institutes of Health has made a discovery that gives hope in such cases. Lavender honey properties, especially antioxidants, ensure that the damaging effect of these free radicals doesn’t turn out extremely harsh.

For example, taking lavender honey can ensure that Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t do too much damage if it ever affects you, usually in old age. That’s because it has yet another antioxidant known as pinocembrin. It ensures that the damage the disease does to the brain isn’t as severe as if one doesn’t take the honey.

6. Lavender Honey is Anti-Fungal

Over-prescription has rendered most antifungal drugs useless as fungi become resistant to them. That said and done, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s lavender honey.

It works excellently against Cryptococcus neoformans, Candida krusei and Candida albicans. There is also hope that it could work on other fungal infections.

7. It is a source of Relaxation

If you ever feel like you need to calm down, add a few tablespoons of this honey to your glass of milk, preferably warm. It will ensure that you relax within the shortest time possible. That’s a feeling you wouldn’t want to miss for sure.

8. Prevents Hair Loss

Persistent hair loss can be a nuisance. Unfortunately, most people suffer from this ordeal. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conducted a survey, and the findings were that over 50 million Americans suffer from hair loss. You can avoid being part of this suffering population by taking lavender honey. Combine it with cinnamon powder and olive oil for great results.

9. Lavender Honey Promotes Weight Loss

According to World Health Organization, approximately 13% of the adults comprising the world’s population were obese as of 2016. There is also another substantial percentage that’s overweight despite not being obese. These conditions make one vulnerable to stroke, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

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They are life-changing and fatal hence the need to avoid them at all times. If you are obese or overweight, your weight loss journey can begin by consuming lavender honey. Consequently, you will reduce the chances of developing these health issues.

10. Other Lavender Honey Health Benefits

It also has other properties such as a diuretic, diaphoretic, antibacterial, anti-infective, and anti-diarrhea. If you are struggling with joint or muscle inflammation, lavender honey has what it takes to reduce it drastically as well.

Last but not least, it plays the trick in dealing with insomnia, insect bites, superficial burns, wounds, and muscle spasms.

Preserving lavender honey

You may not enjoy lavender honey benefits if you don’t preserve it accordingly. For instance, honey needs preservation which includes protecting it from light. The best place is a closet or pantry. The ideal temperature for storage is between 15°C and 20° C.

We should not keep it in the fridge since the cold makes the honey crystallize. Once we open it, we must close it again to preserve it well and not lose its active ingredients.

Honey tends to come with a date of consumption. However, this date is not an indication that honey spoils. On the contrary, it only crystallizes over time but does not spoil. However, honey crystallization isn’t a good thing either. That explains why it is recommended not to store lavender honey for more than 6 months.

Side effects of lavender honey

It is important to acknowledge that these are side effects of lavender which is an important component of this honey. If you apply it on your skin, most likely when dealing with hair loss, there are minimal chances of irritation. Some people experience increased appetite, headache, and constipation after ingesting it. That said and done, these scenarios are rare.

Final Words

From the above discussion, there are many lavender honey benefits that you stand to reap upon consuming it. Some are health-related, whereas others are general. As for the former, lavender honey health benefits can be curative or preventive.