Fish and Meat

Not every fish is good

Many times when we speak of fish we think that it is very nutritious, but we do not take into account what kind of fish are what we are eating, which is why in this article we will discuss some of them that harm us only by its content and hazardous substances that it contains.

harmful fish

Today also the industries have damaged our oceans since the scarcity of wild fish is getting bigger, many of them are contaminated, which is why no one knows what fish are healthy and which are contaminated.

Each year our fish are in a critical condition imagine an analysis of each fish is removed from the sea, it would be a very difficult task but also to do another study and see that fish are what make us hurt simply with its name.

One of the fish that hurt us are imported catfish because its origin is Vietnam that in this place many exist chemicals and antibiotics through the fault of other countries, which is why this type of fish is not recommended to eat as we can bring diseases with it.

It is better to eat a catfish that is raised in household farms, with that we are a little more secure that will not be harmful to eat it, rather than the fish we recommend the Asian carp containing a flavor similar to catfish.

It is important to note that there are fish that we should not eat because these are endangered and not because these hurt us, also another point that we must take into account is that we don’t know which formula to use to catch fish.

A substance that hurts us is the mercury found in the American eel and others known as yellow or silver eels many usually eat in sushi which is also polluted with PCBs.

It is important to remember to eat fish that follow certain standards for our own health, since the fish comes from the sea, and there are many contaminants that typically exist there or also the same hygiene of persons who sell or buy it.

If you eat any type of fish always look where it comes from and the quality of fish. When you choose a fish see it and check its provenance.

Hopefully these tips will serve and help you choose a good fish for food.