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Reasons for eating whole-grain foods

Surely you’ve heard many times that whole grain foods are very healthy. Whole grain foods promote intestinal transit, it is true, and that surely what you know, but do you know what are the advantages of whole-grain foods?

whole grain foods

Intestinal transit
As we discussed, whole-grain foods make us a more pleasant digestions and not only that, but it also prevents constipation. However you must be careful, not overdo on taking all integral or too much, especially if you’ve never taken comprehensive things, since you can suffer a small excess of expulsion of dregs that is not good.

The basic element that differentiates the whole grain foods of non-integral or also called refined is the amount of fiber they contain, which is responsible for improving the intestinal transit. So not only should you eat whole grain foods, but also foods rich in fiber (kiwis, oatmeal and all kinds of cereal while not comprehensive, legumes…)

The amount of extra fiber containing whole foods makes, when we eat, its have greater sense of satiety. By this are very important foods rich in fiber and whole grain foods specifically in weight loss diets.

Taking get whole foods fill our stomachs before and consequently we will consume less kcal that if we were eating refined food.

The refinement of the food, such as rice, were wiping out large amount of their interesting properties, including the most important: the vitamins. Brown rice has many more vitamins and minerals than traditional refined rice, so It is a wise take brown rice if you want to eat more vitamins.

Regulate our cholesterol
Fiber, nutrient rich in whole foods, contributes to the removal of fat, including one of the best known and issues in our food: cholesterol. Fiber binds to cholesterol doing that it is expelled in the faeces.

Blood sugar level

Whole grain foods have a glycemic index lower than refined, helping to not having spikes in blood glucose.This is good for many things, e.g. so that athletes have a release of sustained energy and greater resistance or for diabetics.

List of grain foods

  • Brown rice instead of polished rice.
  • Eliminates the traditional bread from your diet and start eating whole-grain bread.
  • Oats or oat bran.
  • Corn.
  • Rye.
  • Wheat.