Fish and Meat

Reasons for which it is good to consume fish

Fish is a source of protein and iron that our body needs, plus it provides energy and is a food with large properties that benefit health. The vegetables contain iron but in very low so it is good that fish is consumed to compensate for what vegetables do not provide us, with the fish the defenses of the organism are reinforced it helps to the prevention of infections.

consume fish

Fish meat contains essential amino acids for health that help preserve muscle mass, for example the omega 3 helps protect the heart to reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack or any other cardiovascular disease. With omega 3 decreases bad cholesterol, fish provides very few lipids unlike meat.

There are many ways how you can enjoy the fish either cooked or raw you can use recipe that best pleases you the important thing is to take advantage of nutrients that this food has, for example, its sushi is delicious to be eaten raw either ceviche or salad.

Another way to take advantage of the nutrients in fish is eaten in tacos, whatever the fish of your choice cook just as more fancy but consume it is better to eat fish than any other meat especially red meat due to the type of fats they contain.

If you eat fish on a daily basis can be sure that you will get great benefits for your health and yourself notice the changes and have a healthier heart. It is also important if you decide to cook it have in mind some tips so that their properties are not lost, for example using olive oil instead of butter and not the cold so not to lose its nutrients, consume it better roasted, boiled or grilled but do not cook much.

Eat it at least twice per week, takes care of your heart, take care of your health do to spend more time and if you are someone who does not eat fish change your eating style include it in your diet.