Baby Foods

Safety tips on baby foods

Do not add salt to their food
There is enough natural sodium in foods to keep a baby healthy. Please note that their kidneys are not mature enough to receive an overload of sodium (salt).

tips on baby foods

Do not give honey to an infant under one year of age
Sweeten the pacifier neither with honey nor with any other preparation. Honey may contain botulism spores that can harm the baby.

Do not make baby food with leftovers from the previous meal
It may be contaminated with bacteria or having cut the cold chain handling that could perform. Use fresh or frozen foods. Cook every day for your baby.

Do not give raw eggs
Either you give poached eggs or boiled and unpasteurized milk. Insure whenever in the packing it should have writing pasteurized. They are not safe for babies because they can cause infections.

Do not give hard foods to eat
Do not give to baby foods such as whole grain, nuts, popcorn, and seeds, maize or meals of coarse texture with bran or wheat cereal biscuits. These foods are difficult to eat for the baby and it is possible to drown. Grapes and round pieces of sausage are especially dangerous.

You can serve cold food
In most babies do not mind. If you want to heat up baby food, do it for a while before serving.

Avoid giving canned or embroiled foods
They have a lot of sodium and are harmful to the health of your baby.

Give water during meals
It is fundamental to their digestive process.

Choose mineral water with low sodium
Read the labels carefully making sure this.

Diet varies in colors
A fun meal is better accepted the more colorful.

Do not conserves baby food out of the refrigerator
Note that breaking the cold chain starts to have growth of bacteria.