Seasonal fruits: Schedule and benefits

Fruits and vegetables are a staple food for humans since prehistoric times, where virtually all of the carbohydrates that we ate were from fruits, since cereals did not start to eat until about 10,000 years ago by the man.

eating seasonal fruits

Importance of fruits and vegetables
It is for this reason that our organism is very accustomed to fruits and vegetables and they should appear in any healthy diet which is worthy.

In addition, fruits and vegetables provide our bodies almost all vitamins and minerals needed to perform their functions and, last but not least, they also have a lot of water, basic to our survival since our body is composed as some 70% of the liquid element.

Most doctors and nutritionists recommend including 5 servings of fruits or vegetables a day, but even consume more would bring more benefits, since they are low in calories and fiber, which promotes intestinal transit and help us keep our ideal weight.

Benefits of eating seasonal fruits
If in addition the fruits we eat are seasonal, we will add the benefit of which will be more tasty and contain more nutrients, plus it will be more environmentally-friendly and less preservatives and additives and that eaten in season means they could grow in their natural environment.

It is also good, always going to buy fruits and vegetables, they are natural and ask the person who sells them yourself by its condition and if they are in season.

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