Seitan: benefits and properties

The vegetarian food is a type of very special being considered as a healthy alternative to the consumption of balanced diets that include meat, provided it is carried out responsibly and provide the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

benefits of seitan

Among the benefits of a vegetarian diet that we could highlight, we are above all the virtues that offer a solution based on a natural and healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetable foods. Something that helps prevents a wide variety of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, or other more dangerous as cancer.

However, while this diet is healthy, we can also meet different risks of vegetarian diet, especially if certain deficits occur in relation to essential nutrients.

Anyway, the fact is that in this diet can distinguish a number of foods that may be ideal as substitutes for animal flesh, such as the tofu. One is the seitan.

Benefits of seitan
Seitan is a product of Eastern origin which is made with tamari, wheat, kombu seaweed and ginger.

As with animal meat, seitan is extremely rich in protein and fiber, become an ideal food for the prevention and/or treatment of constipation.

It is low in fat. In fact, only 150 gm Seitan provide 140 Kcal, and is able to cover almost all of the daily protein needs of a person.

It provides no cholesterol, a must when you should follow a balanced diet to lower high cholesterol.

In addition to its flavor, it stands out as a highly digestible food. And, as you might expect, can be cooked as if it were meat: in the form of hamburgers, taquitos…