Eggs & Milk

Should adults drink milk?

This is a question that may seem very obvious: you do not see reasons not to drink milk, right? As this is not so clear, especially it is considering two facts that maybe you did not know:

lactose intolerance

  • The human being is the only mammal that continues to drink milk after infancy.
  • The habit of drinking milk to continue into adulthood do not share all cultures, in fact there is only this habit in the West.

Intolerance to lactose and dairy products in general

Did you know that the most common in the world of food intolerance is lactose (fundamental component of milk and dairy products in general) and in general to all dairy? Why do you think this is?

It’s simple; the lactose in milk is synthesized by enzymes that exist in our stomach, called lactase, which have this specific function. In much of human beings, simple evolution, our body stops producing these lactases, because our bodies are not necessary meant that after infancy (as happens in all mammals).

Clear, to disappear or decrease to a large extent the lactases, our organism meets is not able to digest and synthesize as lactose want, and that is why the lactose intolerance have digestive problems, nausea, dizziness, skin irritation and other proper complaints even of an allergy.

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Lactose intolerance is not the same for all those who suffer: some barely noticeable, can even live without realizing it, while others just by drinking a glass of milk and get really bad.

In the particular case of cheese, which as you know comes from milk, not much noticed this intolerance, since the more curing is the case more fermented is lactose and easier for our body synthesize it though it does not have the sufficient lactase.

Something that can make lactose intolerance is to take milk that there are now low in lactose or directly with the total absence of this.

Milk and Cancer

Some studies say that drinking milk can be continuously suffering because of some cancers. The truth is that, nothing shown at 100%, but the sobering truth that milk can produce cancer.

Milk and Calcium

One of the most widespread in terms of diet and nutrients necessary for life myths is that milk should be our main source of calcium. Well, you should know that there are foods that have a lot more calcium than milk.

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