Fats and Fatty Acids

The egg: A rich and healthy food

A food that almost never lacking in the diet of humans is the egg and the truth is a very nutritious food plus it is easy to prepare, its main composition are the yolk and white are the elements that we consume.

egg consumption

The yolk is the third part of the egg and is composed of fats, vitamins and minerals. Their color depends only on the foods that feed the animal, with only one egg yolk we are consuming 60 calories and the best is that their fats are healthy.

On the other hand the egg white that is a most that contains an egg is formed by more than 50% of water and only 10% of the egg white is proteins but an important fact is that these proteins are the only ones that have no fat, by clear the person eats around 17 calories total that our body needs daily.

What the egg that makes damage causing cholesterol are only myths but of course we must take into account that only eat food in excess harms, such as fats containing an egg is already mentioned are healthy they do not harm the body, the fats are mono and polyunsaturated so easily digestion, 100 grams of egg have up to 12 grams of fat and 550 mg of cholesterol.

To consume the eggs in its best point should refrigerate to keep fresh, also it is necessary to consume them clean well, only purchase those with their shell clean and not broken to avoid contamination by germs.

If these are followed safety precautions be sure that you will not suffer any gastrointestinal discomfort, many people believe that the egg hurts for the cholesterol and that its consumption can cause cardiovascular diseases are therefore considered that it had to consume 2 or 3 eggs per week nothing more but thanks to the investigations that have been made are now cleared several questions and thus some ideas that they had.

It was believed that egg consumption increases cholesterol but the truth is that cholesterol is due more to other factors such as the saturated fats not the consumption of egg in the daily diet, these fats are responsible for increase the bad cholesterol in the blood, it is important to maintain a balance in diet and not exceed consumption.

It is also important to exercise physical activity because it helps reduce the risk of diseases which can be very serious and if a control is not carried both food and sedentary lifestyle most likely lead to consequences more severe as death if nothing is done about it.

Contrary to what was believed the lecithin and unsaturated fats of the yolk help lower cholesterol that is, it is wrong to think that an egg can raise cholesterol and cause cardiovascular problems.

If you enjoy good health there is no problem to consume an egg daily and of course be sure to exercise if you do have a much better life without problems or difficulties.