The five elements for the ideal breakfast

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. This popular saying is sufficient to define the importance of breakfast in the daily diet of people, and since it needs to provide a quarter of the total energy needed to face the day.

ideal breakfast

In the morning, our body takes more than eight hours without having eaten food. Therefore, it is essential to have a varied and generous breakfast that activates us. In fact, skipping breakfast can cause nervousness, fatigue, memory difficulties, inattention, decreased performance and stress.

The perfect breakfast should be balanced to improve the nutritional status and physical and mental performance of people. Therefore, we share the five elements should include:


It provide complex carbohydrates, which allows our body to maintain a stable level of energy for a longer time. These are key foods such as cereals and bread (ideal with olive oil).


They are rich in calcium, vitamins A and D and riboflavin. Milk, cheese, yoghurt and curd are some of the ideal products for breakfast. It is sufficient to take only one of these each morning.

Low-fat sausages:

Provide protein with multiple functions among which tissue formation. Cooked ham, turkey, chicken sausages are some of the products that must include all good breakfast.

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Enrich the body with vitamins, minerals and sugars. A piece of fresh fruit or fresh juice is great foods to provide the body with the immediate energy to face the day.

Fat of complement

The olive oil is one of the key products that the Mediterranean diet is based. It is preferable to consumption of butter during breakfast.

On the other hand, when exercise is done in the morning, it is advisable to have a compensated two hours before breakfast. This should include whole grain cereals and black bread, fruit and milk. In addition to proper hydration.

Today we are in a period in which the lack of time and routine of the big cities have caused the breakfast be shelved. However, it should be remembered that start each morning with a balanced and healthy breakfast is the smartest way to start the day.

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