Nutritious Foods

The importance of eating natural foods

The natural, ecological or organic foods are those that have not been treated with any chemicals in their production process. These foods are characterized by not contain any chemical residue.

consume natural foods

Because of the overpopulation we have on Earth, it is increasingly difficult to produce food in the best conditions for all inhabitants. That is why in the twenty-first century all-natural foods are absent, and we live in a society where the major brands of products only seek their own benefit offering foods with large amounts of chemicals, preservatives, colors and sweeteners to simulate these properties of natural foods.

The flavor of natural foods

When you speak with a person moderately entrance age on food, some of the things that you can preview is that “fruit no longer has the flavor that makes years”, and it is true. Why? That is our beloved Earth is increasingly scarce nutrients, and therefore the products coming out of it do not have the same quality. And if in addition to that you add that what is being sought is now all massively produced, foods have little care beyond the controls of health on its flavor or its properties, something that is certainly missing.

There is a difference between consuming, for example, foods grown by oneself or their own livestock which buy food at the grocery store. The first will have a much better flavor and properties because they will not have any chemical or preservative that kills the taste and will be produced under artificial conditions.

The hormones in foods that are not natural

This is an issue that currently concerns many people. Normally foods of animal origin are currently treated with hormones, which is not good for us that we consume. More than the foods are the animals themselves who are treated with hormones to increase the amount of meat they have and to make this more tender.

Specifically, the pork and beef is typically give large quantities of estrogen for the meat is more tender and fat, which also it was we who consume and do not do to us any good. So that eating meat that has not been treated with hormones is ideal for not unbalancing our hormone axis.

Things that you can find in foods that are not natural

In these foods that are not natural you can find all kinds of substances:

  • Synthetic additives.
  • Pesticides.
  • Hormones.
  • GM foods.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Poor quality and quantity of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • Worst taste.

So from now try to give priority to consume natural foods rather than synthetic. Start by taking natural fruit juices instead of brick, for example, try to eat eggs and fresh vegetables from home, not coming from frozen. You should also eat butchers meat and fishmongers fish instead of taking products that are already prepared.

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