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The impressive qualities of yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent natural food, full of wonderful nutritional benefits and health qualities. Do you know what those so important properties are?

qualities of yogurt

While there are many doubts about the benefits of milk from animal origin, according to the results obtained by various scientific studies that have found their not so positive health effects (increases mucus and congestion, increase the development of different allergies and does not help to prevent osteoporosis), not same with the yogurt, a food that has sometimes been as reviled that cow’s milk just because come from it, but the truth is that in reality has nothing to do.

Yogurt is a milk-based food obtained from bacterial fermentation of milk. More specifically, its preparation is required for fermentation of sugar from the milk into lactic acid, what precisely attributed to this delicious dessert its characteristic taste and consistency.

The main nutritional properties, protective and curative properties of yogurt

Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals

Yogurt is a tremendously rich in proteins of high biological value. Why it is considered to be like that? Mainly because it provides all essential amino acids, so that yogurt becomes a very complete food.

In addition, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Among the vitamins we should be mentioned vitamin A, D (essential for the absorption of calcium) and B vitamins. The mineral include the very presence of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Ideal to maintain good intestinal transit

Yogurt helps to maintain in good condition the bacterial flora in the intestines, so key in addition not only to enjoy a good intestinal transit, but some good defenses (these are in fact closely related to our immune system).

Eating yogurt regularly helps prevent or reduce constipation, and is also useful in restoring the intestinal transit in case some alteration has occurred.

Easily digestible food

Unlike milk, yogurt is a food whose lactose is already predigested, a quality that translates into a product more easily digestible, especially compared with milk.

Suitable for vaginal flora of women

An enriched vaginal flora helps to prevent infections by both fungi and yeasts. In this sense, the yogurt is ideal to nourish and care for the vaginal flora of women, thanks to its content in living bacteria that boost the immune system and enrich the flora.

In fact, it is an ideal food for those women who usually suffer from candidiasis.

How much yogurt you can eat per day?

When enjoying the various benefits and properties of yogurt, especially considering its sugar content and therefore carbohydrates, the key is to know how much yogurt can eat a day safely and that does no poses any problem in relation to their calorie content.

As manifest and many nutritionists agree, the ideal is to eat a yogurt a day, which will give us all the essential nutrients in yogurt, as well as its most important qualities and benefits.

For example, a yogurt gives us 180 mg calcium (25% of the daily quantity recommended per day), 240 mg potassium, 17 mg magnesium, vitamin A and B vitamins (B2, B12, B9 and niacin), and only 125 calories.

But it is not worth any yogurt. What is the best? Always opt for natural yogurt, without added sugars, and above all avoid the yogurt flavors.