The most recommended desserts to eat at night

It is healthy to dinner meals or light food at night to improve digestion and not to disturb sleep.

The body does not have much time between when we eat and when we are going to sleep. For this reason if consumed fatty and caloric foods at night will gain more and digestive problems. Many people in the evening after dinner feel the desire to eat something sweet. So if you are going to eat a dessert this should not be too sweet or too caloric.

recommended desserts at night

The most recommended desserts are:

  • Dairy Yogurt or vegan
  • Fruit
  • Fruit salad
  • Portion of custard
  • Ratio of black chocolate without aggregation of sugar.

The advantage of choosing healthy desserts at night are:

  • Not suffer from insomnia by eating foods with too much sugar.
  • Eating too many calories that are not burned because that the period of time that the body between what we eat and when go to sleep is short to spend it, because what turns fat.
  • Complicated weight reduction.
  • Prevents digestive discomforts.

It is not bad to eat dessert during the night but it must be healthy not to alter the health of persons.

If you have weight problems it is not advisable to eat dessert every day. There are rich, healthy and low in sugar desserts are best suited for dinner.

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