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The rebound effect in the diets

You’ve probably heard many times talk rebound effect exists when a slimming diet ends. Perhaps the first question that comes to your head is, does really there is a rebound effect? Well, unfortunately yes, there, and we will tell you why and how you can avoid suffering a rebound after slimming effect.

rebound effect in diets

What is the rebound effect?
We start at the beginning: Many years ago, when society was not as advanced as today, even now in developing countries, there was and is in this case famine. During these times, obviously, the food shortage was very high, and humans should get used to these conditions.

How did they do it? Human beings managed to evolve and make our body, in situations of famine, among others, more efficient. That is why, today, when we follow a very low calorie diet to lose weight, our body gets used to living with less energy and become more efficient. Sure, obviously when we finished the diet and return to us we binge our body remains just as efficient, and therefore has a greater excess calories that turn into those extra kilos involving suffer a rebound effect.

There is also another thing to consider: usually in the diet to lose weight, due to the lack of nutrients if not well designed, we lose a considerable amount of muscle mass along with fat, so our basal metabolic rate decreases. The basal metabolism is the energy our bodies need to stay alive at rest, and muscle mass is a very influential factor in this measure, so to lose muscle mass need less energy to keep, so it’s easier to have an excess this.

How to avoid the rebound effect
To avoid the rebound effect after finishing a diet to lose weight we must follow these guidelines:

  • Well plan your diet: Slim due to the lack of calories throughout the day. Try this lack of calories is not more than about 300-500 kcal to slim at a moderate pace.
  • Includes fats in your diet, what more must reduce are the carbohydrates. Fats should come from healthy foods: fatty fish like salmon, skim milk, nuts …
  • Do some exercise so your body notices that still needs energy to keep up.
  • Eat enough protein to prevent muscle loss. The secret of a good diet for weight loss is in addition to eating healthy fats that comment you change carbohydrates proteins, which have less kcal but feed our muscles.
  • And not least: before making any diet, especially if you have significantly overweight, consult a nutritionist to make you a custom plan.

So you know, if you’re thinking of following a weight loss diet plan well what you are eating you may get a rebound effect, and if you’re not clear you can ask for consult a nutritionist.