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The truth about diet soda

When something seems too good to be true it is because it probably is (yes, even that appears to be perfect beau) and diet soda are no exception. Check our research and stay away from these products!

avoid diet soda

The empty calories from soft drinks with sugar made us run to look for alternatives to have the taste that we like without filling with sugar, and one of those alternatives is light or zero versions of these products. We like to recommend looking to take more water with natural fruit that will give a fresh, delicious and super healthy flavor, and better avoid diet soda and here we tell you why:

Kidney problems: a long study of Harvard University has shown that women who consume at least 2 diet soda a day have a significantly higher for kidney disease, derived from the consumption of artificial sweeteners.

Metabolism out of control: according to a study by the University of Minnesota to take only a diet soda a day increases the chances to suffer metabolic syndrome (abdominal fat combined with high cholesterol), which is linked to 34% heart problems.

Obesity: Despite what you may believe, diet soda do not help you lose weight. According to a study by the University of Texas, the more diet soda consume, the more likely you are to suffer from obesity. Your waist can increase by up to 500% with just 2 cans a day.

A terrible hangover: All cocktails made with diet soda make you get drunk faster and that translates into a bigger headache on the following day. What is your best option? Mineral water!

Cell damage: Diet soda, contrary to those sugar, include ingredients such as sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate which, besides being difficult to pronounce, are rust inhibitors. It has been shown that this conservative associated with asthma, urticaria and other allergic problems. As if this were not enough, these ingredients irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Rotten teeth: Soft drink is super acid, which causes the natural enamel of the teeth is dissolved. The bad teeth can start with just 3 cans per day and is not limited to a loss of enamel; also it includes a loss of teeth and teeth in poor condition.

Reproductive problems: Soda cans are generally coated with a switch on the endocrine system, which is linked to a variety of health problems, from obesity to heart disease and reproductive problems.

So throw the soft drink can and turns to see a bottle of water. Add fresh or frozen fruits for a touch of taste and avoid unnecessary health risks.