The unknown properties of coffee

The coffee is probably one of the most widely consumed beverages. For taste it is probably one of the most refreshing drinks in the world. Some people consume coffee only, who added sugar, milk or condensed milk. There are also those who enjoy it with a delicious cream of milk, or those who consume it only but very, very heavy. Some even added honey to coffee. We can choose to prepare a wide variety of coffee, although it is possible to make coffee without coffee maker.

unknown properties of coffee

Anyway, there is no doubt that it is a stimulating drink, which contains – and brings – a number of interesting health benefits, especially when consumed regularly and always without excesses (unless there is some sort of contraindication, at which time consumption is not at all advisable or recommended).

For example, it is extremely rich in natural antioxidants because it contains polyphenols, which means that our body helps reduce the effects of free radicals. It also helps prevent neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, precisely because it contains antioxidants. But did you know that also brings other benefits actually not so known?.

The benefits of coffee that you might not know

Improved life expectancy
According to the results of a scientific study conducted among more than 400,000 people over a period of 15 years, apparently drinking coffee every day improves life expectancy, quality that would be related not to the caffeine itself but with other coffee components such as the presence of natural antioxidants because it is an effect that was also observed in the decaffeinated coffee consumption.

For example, it has been known that coffee lengthen life expectancy up to 15% for women and to 10% in men.

It helps you lose weight
When coffee consumption is combined with the monitoring of a varied and balanced diet, rich in healthy foods and low in fats, and in addition to the regular practice of physical exercise becomes a perfect ally for weight loss.

Why? Mainly because it helps to better eliminate accumulated fat, which is why many nutritionists or dietitians advise their consumption on a daily basis, especially when it follows a diet.

However, to enjoy this slimming quality is important that it is not sweetened with sugar, not add empty calories.

It is an excellent antidepressant
A study involving the collaboration of more than 50,000 women and was held for 10 years has found something surprising: it acts as a great antidepressant.

And according to the results recorded by this study, it seems those who consume coffee every day and regularly show up to 20% less likely to suffer depression. In this case, the difference shall be observed compared with women who drank decaffeinated coffee, since this quality was observed only in women who drank regular coffee.

It reduces and relieves pain
A recent report ensures that coffee consumption helps reduce and relieve pain due to its analgesic qualities. Apparently, it helps reduce the pain both shoulders and neck as much as 14%.

Therefore it is also an ideal to soothe and calm the annoying and uncomfortable headaches drink.

It acts against aging
Precisely because they are high in antioxidants, to protect our body against the action of free radicals, coffee becomes a good natural anti-aging, to avoid accelerating skin aging and therefore the appearance of premature wrinkles.