Fats and Fatty Acids

The worst foods for diet

Satisfy your cravings without breaking the diet by substituting products that harm your body by similar but much healthier versions.

worst foods for diet

French fries. A large order of French fries in a chain of fast food restaurants has about 570 calories, half of which come from fat. To that should be added to hamburger and soft drink calories and… well, you are consuming millions of calories in one sitting.

Replace them! The taste of French fries is too good to let it pass, so if you have no choice but to order them prefer those that are child-sized, with just 230 calories. Another good idea is to prepare your own French fries, look for low-fat ingredients and prefer olive oil rather than vegetable oil.

Fried Chicken. A fried chicken breast has about 400 calories and up to 22 grams of fat. It’s time to leave it behind!

Replace it! The roasted chicken breast without skin is absolutely delicious! Season with hot spices, as a seasoning of green chili and lemon. Its have great taste for only 189 calories.

Donuts. We know that are succulent, but the combination of white flour, vegetable ghee, refined sugar and fried food is absolutely deadly. A glazed donut has 200 calories and 12 grams of fat, including saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol.

Pasta Alfredo sauce. Does the quantity of fat that has this sauce makes it absolutely delicious? And lethal. With its combination of butter, cream and Parmesan cheese, 30 grams of this paste will give you 543 calories! In addition to 33 grams of fat. So think twice if it’s worth the exquisite taste.

Sausages. One pork sausage has 217 calories! And 19.5 grams of fat. Take them out of your shopping chart.

Replace them! If you really like sausage, prefers chicken or turkey. Another good option is to choose vegetarian sausages, made ​​with soy protein.

White bread. If you are already going to eat something, better eat a sweet. A slice of white bread has a little more than 65 calories of white flour, a simple carbohydrate that is digested quickly, increasing your levels of blood sugar. And as it have so few nutrients, always leaves you hungry.

Replace it! Whole wheat bread has the same amount of calories, but it also has fiber, protein and other nutrients such as selenium, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients, along with fiber and protein, make you feel fuller longer.