Baby Foods


The health of our children is a concern to us, so ensure that they are well fed and are getting the necessary nutrients for their mental and physical development, it is a priority. It is therefore essential to follow some basic tips to make their lunch box have everything that they need.

healthy launchbox

Importance of Breakfast
As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this depends to be alert and energized during the workday. This is more relevant in the case of children, who naturally spend large amounts of energy they need for their development and growth.

At the breakfast, a child should consume about 30% of their daily nutritional requirements, which is very important and is closely related to school performance (intellectual and cognitive development) as well as the performance in the rest of their daily activities.

Food pyramid
We are not talking here about assembling a lunchbox with any food, breakfast is the first meal that our children eat must do special emphasis that is healthy and nutritious. For this we can be guided by the food pyramid created in 1999 by the National Institute of Nutrition, where are the food groups required for obtaining a healthy diet.

This pyramid food classified into three groups:

  1. The first group consisting of grains, cereals and tubers. Examples of these are: oats, rice, corn or corn flour, beans, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, wheat or wheat flour.
  2. The second group consisting of fruits and vegetables.
  3. The third group consisting of milk, eggs, red and white meat.

Based on this group we can put together a daily menu of course has at least one food from each of the groups that make up the pyramid.


  • It is very important that our children eaten some food just wake up in the morning, it can be a glass of milk or some fruit juice, if they prefer to have breakfast a little later.
  • The lunchbox should contain a serving of cereal such as a slice of bread or an arepa, if the child likes could eat porridge. We can also add oats to the arepa flour.
  • In the arepa or bread stuffing we include proteins, such as scrambled eggs, a serving of sausage or chicken sticks.
  • Must contain a serving of milk as would a glass of milk or yogurt or a slice of cheese.
  • It is good to further include a portion of natural foods rich in fat as a small serving of avocado or a portion of peanuts. You can also spread the bread with peanut butter or jam without added sugar.

It is important that we take care of the amount of salt and sugar use in food of our children and to bear in mind that we must take their meals not only healthy but fun, flashy and appealing to the eye and varied meals so that they do not get bored, let us be creative and put color.