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Tips for choosing the best catering for events

The catering service has become the undisputed guest every occasion, whether these organizing a family event or social celebration like a wedding, baptism, a party with acquaintance, a corporate meeting or promoting a musical event. Whatever the case, regardless of the characteristics of the event, this type of services takes care of the key points so that everything comes to perfection.

choosing best catering

In this sense, we are going to show you some criteria that you should keep in mind when hiring catering services. To know the services that these companies include and the type of occasion on which they are presented, it will have a much easier task when it comes to having to choose.

What services does a catering company include?

The first thing to note is that the service varies depending on the event, place and time of the meeting. However, retain some elements which by their widespread use are present in almost any type of occasion and are the key points to be taken into account.

Organization and service planning

Being event specialists are responsible for the organization and planning of the service. Determine according to the number of guests the amount of food and drink required, the size of the portions so that no guest is left out or unsatisfied, also to determine the time interval between plate and plate.

In addition to this must provide the contractor with enough information, so that the person can discern and opt for the most appropriate option.

Service staff

The catering service includes staff to handle everything related to the area of food and coming. In this way, an event coordinator is in charge of supervision and logistics, waiters usually for every 10 people as well as the kitchen and the personnel staff.

In short, all companies must provide their hiring of the necessary staff according to the occasion and number of guests in order to provide an efficient and adequate service.

Equipment and transfer

When hiring wedding catering services do not worry about supplying equipment for your event, because it is the responsibility of the company and not the contractor to supply and transfer all necessary implements for the tableware, glassware, cutlery, crockery, ice, drinks without alcohol and of course the food to be tasted.

Assembly, disarming and cleaning

Once the event is concluded the catering company has the responsibility to disassemble and perform the cleaning of the service area. Ridding this cumbersome task to the hosts of the party and providing the advantage of not having to incur an additional expense because it is included within their functions.

Types of catering to choose

Depending on the type of event you are going to plan, there is a wide variety of options to choose from as far as catering is concerned. Remember that food is one of the most attractive points of an event and that is why catering for events has become a widely used option. There are different types but three different groups in particular.

Banquet: It is usually used for formal events such as engagement parties or in intimate weddings, where all the guests are seated around a table and consists of an entree, main course and dessert.

Cocktail: It is somewhat less formal than the previous one. The guests are standing around and around the waiters carrying trays with light snacks and drinks. Its regular schedule is from mid-morning or afternoon.

Buffet: It is usually used when it comes to events with many guests, it is widely employed in congresses and very popular on cruises trips. This type of services is characterized by offering a great variety of dishes and the guest chooses what they want. It is used at any time of day or night, it is a very versatile service.

Lastly, remember that food is an integral part of the celebration and therefore to hire a good service that provides a rich meal that satisfies the opinion of the guests is very important. For this reason in the next event that you decide to organize be weddings or birthday party take into account these data and inquire well multiple online offers that you can find to hire the best catering companies.