Tips to make your dinner a healthy and light meal

To have a healthy life you need to have a balanced diet, in this attempt often we concentrate on the first meal of the day and not pay too much attention to the dinner, which is also one of the most important meals and therefore should be nutritious and light because come the hour of sleep.

light dinner

It is a mistake to overlook the meal, either because we are tired or scared we eat because we can get fat, precisely because it is the last meal we do in the day should pay special attention to it, because then spend at least 8 hours of sleep where do not take any food.

The importance of five meals a day

Many nutritionists recommend dividing the calories according to our weight and physical activity should consume in a day, in five portions that we will eat that day, starting with breakfast to dinner. This will help us to maintain our satisfied stomach and prevent that we eat compulsively.

In addition if we take five meals a day metabolism gets faster, because if we spent many hours without eating the body enters a state savings, not knowing when it will return to eat and accumulate fat foreseeing a possible period of shortage, making slow body fat-burning processes.

How to build a healthy dinner

Each of these meals will be composed of a portion of each food group, i.e. a portion of protein, one of carbohydrates, a portion of good fats, the quantity and quality of those foods will depend on the time concerned and also our physical activity.

For the dinner, we should avoid eating flours or complex carbohydrates as these promote the accumulation of fats during sleep, it’s much better to eat lighter foods so we can sleep easy and does not take much energy to our body to digest it.

A serving of chicken or fish is ideal as protein; avoid red meat at this time because they are more difficult to digest. The carbohydrate should be obtained from vegetables such as: cauliflower, lettuce, zucchini or asparagus. These are loaded with fiber and are simple carbohydrates that do not raise blood sugar.

Dinner and physical activity

There are many recipes that we can get on the internet with healthy dinner ideas, but the general approach is to observe that on the plate, a portion of each food group we have, obviously cook without saturated fat, always prefer fresh foods and unprocessed and leave aside refined sugar.

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