What are the benefits of eating a green apple?

Apples contain many nutrients that we can bring in the early hours of the day and these are all very good but mostly green apples are more complete because its provide protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, recommended especially in cases of digestive disorders, besides serving to glucose level and improve appetite, therefore it is recommended to consume it on an empty stomach that is to say, it is the first food to consume.

benefits of eating a green apple

By its vitamin C with flavonoids act as antioxidants contributing to combat free radicals that cause damage to the cells, while doing this it produce healthy cells and decreases the possibility of having chronic disease, or heart disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Those who are doing a diet or are in the process of losing weight are ideal, eating a green apple in the morning will provide enough energy to get active and start with the right foot your day, one apple gives you 80 calories really are minimal so there is no danger that influences in a harmful way in your diet, and its rich in fiber will provide a feeling of fullness and contribute to your intestinal transit flow, however this does not mean you should on breakfast just an apple but that on the contrary it must be accompanied by a proper and full breakfast.

For people with diabetes is also recommended because it regulates the level of sugar in the blood, consuming green apples is benefiting to an organ of utmost importance is the pancreas responsible for regulating glucose in our body and not only that but also eat it on an empty stomach causes a delay in sugar absorption in the intestine. In accordance with some studies have shown that breakfast with a green apple reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Also, did you know that an apple can save you from spending an embarrassing moment? It is true to proven that an apple helps eliminate bacteria in our mouth that are responsible for tooth decay, therefore helps to have healthy teeth without bad breath.

Finally it promotes heart rate, a green apple contains potassium slightly high in relation to other apples, potassium is an electrolyte that balances moisture in the cells benefiting heartbeat, by simply eating a green apple will have sufficient quantity to maintain a stable heart rate during the early hours of the day.

If you did not have time for breakfast take along a green apple is the perfect fruit to start the day healthily.