Why dinner is important?

Dinner is vital as are the other meals but not in the same amount, we must be very careful when we say that we are hungry, that’s normal but be careful when hunger becomes only craving, this is where our food changes completely.

important of dinner

A person must make 5 meals in reality and does this because? The five meals are for our digestive system is always working, not to say that amount of food we should be eating all the time and lots of it, we start with the Breakfast can be any cereal, then do lunch can be a breast but only roast with salad, then we can eat a salad and if we get hungry later a rich apple.

Many people say I have a nice lunch for whole day and that is not important because you leave nearby the dinner and our body needs as stays all night without any food

As mentioned at the top we divide our food; breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner, but everything in moderation.

When dinner time arrives, must be food that are not heavy to digest because the while being asleep is enough, imagine without any food or water.

When we have not our body for dinner it dawns tired and without energies to the following day and the morning goes over and since we are very hungry we eat what first we find and very rapidly because the only thing that we want is to satisfy us. At least we must chew a snack approximately 30 times.

But remember the kind of dinner, it must be healthy and prevents them from being fried, or sausage at dinner.

We’ll give you a small recipe or options for dinner:

  • Two well washed tomatoes.
  • Olive oil to make it fat free.
  • Include oregano for proper digestion.
  • We may include some milk and this is the panela cheese to be low in fat.
  • A well-washed lemon.
  • A rich cup of walnut pieces.