Why is it good to drink water?

Do you still think that soft drinks are better than water? Here are 10 reasons that make you change your mind…..

good to drink water

Plain water may seem boring because they have no taste, but we have a list of excellent benefits that will make you reconsider the amount of water that you drink daily.

Benefits of drink water
Water has amazing benefits that will make you feel much healthier than any other beverage achieved.

  1. The cold water makes your metabolism faster
  2. The hot water will make you feel fuller
  3. It helps you lose weight
  4. Removes toxins
  5. Makes your skin looks (and is) more healthy
  6. It reduces the risk for certain cancers
  7. It helps to improve digestion and constipation
  8. Relieves fatigue
  9. Improve your overall health
  10. And its have 0 calories!

How should I take water?

Think of taking at least 8 large glasses of water every day (or 2 liters). If you are looking to lose weight, take a large glass of water before each meal; also works to take water during the meal, both options will make you feel fuller and less hungry.

You do not like the simple taste? Adds natural fruit, lemon juice or orange for a touch of flavor.