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Why most people fail when trying to lose weight?

Summer is getting closer and many people are now beginning their diets and increased efforts to try to lose a little weight in the face of the hot season but do they really all obtain this target? No, in fact the question is, does anyone really get slim for the summer?

trying to lose weight

In fact according to a recent survey 81% of people who try to lose weight do not get it, even though 76% are dissatisfied with their weight or appearance.

What are the reasons why we failed when trying to lose weight?

The main reason is the total ignorance of how to get it, follow miracle diets that are impossible to endure for more than 2 weeks due to enormous restriction of food those have. Furthermore, these miracle diets produce, in the majority of cases, a big rebound effect.

But it is that the reason why people follow these diets is none other than disinformation, which could be corrected if you go to a specialist, something that only they have done 39% of respondents.

The other main cause is that despite always follow the diet more whims in meals than they should, especially when it comes to party, lunch or dinner and on dates such as Christmas.

And finally, the fourth reason is that the diet is not combined with other healthy habits in our life, such as sports, rest properly, avoiding stress…

How not fail to lose weight?

  • Don’t do miracle diets, find out well…
  • … And if necessary go to a specialist, especially if you are very overweight.
  • Take care about the diet also when you are in dates, go out of holiday or to a meal.
  • Do sports daily, rest well and reduce stress in your life.